Saturday, July 2, 2011

London? Right on.

Well. I am here. FINALLY in the city of London! After a long flight with maybe an hour and a half of sleep, I ended up with my large travel group in London. We were cheerfully escorted to coaches which scarily and swervingly took us to our apartments at King's College. Remind me never ever to try to drive in London--it's  a thousand times worse than New Orleans.
Once we got here we checked in and I was the first into my flat and first to take a shower in my tiny bathroom. Thankfully, I have a room all to myself and it's cute and tidy( for now).

Friday--Arival day was spent (post shower) exploring London with new friends met via the BSP facebook group. I ate fish and chips as my first meal( pics to follow at some point), got a mobile, shopped at Tesco, took the tube to Leicester Square, ate dinner with my Library Science class, and even got asked for directions-- on my first day!!!
Yes, I felt the need to nap, and yes I had to buy a few energy drinks to keep me up, but it was fun! And by the time I went to bed at 11:00( London time).
I slept wonderfully with my windows wide open- to keep the room cool and earplugs that closed off the loud city noise.
Today is orientation day where we meet with Dr. Mackaman, our program director through USM, and then we get to head to Notting Hill and Portobello Road for our LondonAlive walk!

I am so excited to be here! I am going to try to upload pictures soon!

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