Wednesday, June 22, 2011


8 days to go...

Wait? Is that right? 8 days until I leave for London. That's insane. The fact that I will be leaving for a month has not fully set in with me yet. I imagine I'll fully comprehend once I'm actually IN London.
To be honest, I'm rather nervous. Thankfully, I know some people going and I've been getting to know people that I firmly believe are my long-lost best friends. But, I still can't help feeling a bit anxious about all the uncertainty and newness of everything.

I know that I'll adjust the best I can, but it's still a scary thought.
This will be an experience of a lifetime, that much I know for certain. I just need to keep a positive outlook on my time in London and abroad, meeting new people, experiencing things that I've never even seen or heard of before.

There are a few things that I know I'll miss:

  1. Obviously, my family. It's going to be strange not seeing them every day!
  2. My cats. I know that sounds rather lame. But one gets used to a cat snuggling on the bed with you every day and night.
  3. My bed. There nothing like sleeping in your own bed.
  4. The familiarity of Hattiesburg
  5. Driving my car around
  6. My home church
Yet, there are plenty of things I am excited to experience:
  1. Pub Life
  2. West End Shows
  3. Walking around, getting "lost" in the city
  4. Talking to different people
  5. Exploring the history and culture of London
  7. Making my own way and enjoying the city on my terms
8 Days? Am I physically prepared? Well, I have tons to do and pack... But am I mentally prepared? That's the question. I guess we'll find out!

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