Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Almost) 15 Days Until London!

As I write this, it will be one hour and thirty minutes until midnight, that means that by midnight, I will have 15 days until I leave for London! It almost doesn't seem real that I will be leaving for a month to go to London. The last time I was in Europe, I was fifteen and I spent a month in Norway with my grandmother. THAT was an adventure. But now, at 22 (23 on the 17th!) I still have those same nervous feelings that I got when I was preparing for my big trip. But let me go back and explain exactly why I'm going to London.
Currently, I am in the Library and Information Science Graduate program at Southern Miss. As I have never studied abroad, I investigated the British Studies Program that I had heard so much about when I started the program. The BSP has been around for years and people all over participate in a month-long trip to London for six-hours class credit. The classes vary; Photography, History, Journalism, English, Business are some of the other classes that are offered on the undergraduate and graduate level with BSP.
As soon as I could, I talked to Mom about the possiblity of me spending a month abroad. She told me to go for it! (After all, when will I be able to do this again?) Dad, however, took some convincing. But once I got the all-clear. I went ahead and signed up. I was so eager to get my name and information in; As soon as the program opened up, I signed up!
It's been six months since then and I am growing more and more excited as I think about my upcoming departure! All of the things I plan to do are swarming in my head, along with all the things I need to remember to pack and arrange before I leave!
Anyways, as part of my class grade, we have to create a blog and create posts that document our time and educational visits during the month. As you can tell, I am getting a jump on setting up my blog and I am documenting my experience prior to leaving.
I also plan to make this blog personal as well as devoted to class entries. I'd much rather have one blog than two separate blogs to fuss about; so my faithful readers will have to endure my class-oriented blogs as well. :)

I hope this entry was a good explanation to my upcoming trip. I can't wait to start packing and preparing for a month abroad. I know that it will be an amazing experience!

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