Monday, June 27, 2011

Errand-Running Time!

I'm almost completely packed. And I have almost two days to go! This is wonderful, because now I don't have to stress about getting everything together at the last minute!

Things I did today:
  • Went to the Bank and ordered some British Pounds(!!!)
  • Put some money into my checking account
  • Shopped for some remaining items to pack at Target and Big Lots
  • Ate at Newk's one last time before I leave
  • Planned my London budget
Pretty impressive for a Monday, after all.

Ah, the lovely suitcase. It's more organized than it looks, I promise.

My suitcase, carry-on, and purse all together. You can't see it, but there's a duffel bag scrunched in the suitcase. Perfect for my mini-break to Ireland.

I found some British souvenirs at Big Lots of all places. Some awesome Beatles pins and a double decker bus from Cars 2(even though I asked Laura who'd seen Cars 2 and she said there was no double decker bus to be seen at all)  Anyways, they are cute and I plan to show them off.

I cannot believe that I am leaving in TWO DAYS. After months of waiting, I am finally able to see LONDON! Oh, I can't wait!

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