Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm pretty sure everything in London is must-see, but...

In honor of 14 days left until I leave for London, I have a created a list. Enjoy.

14 Must-See Places in London

1.Buckingham Palace-- With all the Royal Wedding hoopla, it would be ridiculous for me to miss out on seeing where the Royals live while in London. Plus, I heard the changing of the guard is pretty awesome.

2.The Tower of London-- As a history lover, I would be ashamed to say that I missed seeing Byward and Wakefield Towers, Bloody Tower, The White Tower, The Jewel House, and the Tower Green. I'm pretty sure that by going here I can fill my history quota.

3.The British Museum-- There is SO much to see here and I know it might take me all day, but by George, I must visit! Plus, it's free.

4.The British Library-- Not only does the British Library have Shakespeare's first folio, but Mozart's marriage contract, one of the Gutenberg Bibles, and perhaps most important, Lewis Carroll's handwritten manuscript of Alice in Wonderland.  What can I say? I love Alice in Wonderland.

5.Hyde Park-- I have a feeling that I may need a break from all the hustle and bustle of London, and I think that Hyde Park may be a perfect place to chill for a while..

6.St. Paul's Cathedral-- Let's be honest. This building is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in person.
7.Tower Bridge-- This is iconic London at it's finest. And Fergie wrote a song about it.

8.Shakespeare's Globe-- This re-creation of the original is showing the Bard's plays much like they did back in the day. I plan to see a show! Plus, they filmed an episode of Doctor Who here, so...

9.The London Eye-- Yes, it's touristy and expensive. I may not take a trip in the London Eye, but I plan to see it and take plenty of pictures of the newest London icon.

10.Trafalgar Square-- Three Words: Feed the Pigeons.

11.Westminster Abbey--- Like, OMG! Kate and William got married here! It's like, so , like, romantic!

12.National Portrait Gallery-- So many amazing portraits  in one place. I can't wait to see the extra large portrait of Paul McCartney! (Yes, they have that there.)

13.The Victoria and Albert Museum-- so many galleries, so little time.

14.The Monument-- At 202 feet tall, it stands in memory of the Great Fire of London. After working my legs, I'm sure I will appreciate the view at the top!

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